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QMS is a SAP consulting services provider focused on the manufacturing sector. As the industry leader in Quality Management, our practical industry experience and expert SAP skills can be leveraged to assist with SAP business and IT consulting, SAP application, project and staffing services, training, SAP staffing services, custom development and more to help you achieve your business goals.

Our laser focus is on Quality. As a result, QMS has earned a global reputation for quality leadership, resources, and delivery. We are the preeminent quality experts, with decades of combined industry and business experience.

QMS is dedicated to developing advanced solutions for SAP manufacturing environments and bringing those results to our customers in affordable and innovative ways. Our number one priority is to partner with our customers to make meaningful impacts on their businesses, enabling you to achieve your business objectives.

Our Mission is to set a new standard of excellence for SAP Consulting worldwide.

Our Commitment to you: Quality Management Solutions, Inc. (QMS) was named to signify a commitment to quality that distinguishes us from any other SAP consulting firm. All of the solutions that we build and the work that we perform is delivered with a level of quality that we are willing to put our name behind.

The Best Team of Professional SAP Consultants

Our SAP Services

Our approach is to partner with you to understand and document your business requirements and develop solutions based on standard SAP ERP to meet your requirements. We believe that functionality available in SAP will allow you to implement a set of standard quality business processes that take advantage of the integrated SAP processes. As SAP says, “The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP”. One look at the Fortune 100 today would prove this point.


Our SAP Solution Sets

QMS is focused on Manufacturing and Quality in the Life Science Industry (Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), Food and CPG, and Discrete Manufacturing and the High Tech industry.
We also have experience in the Scientific Instruments, Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals space, Equipment Manufacturers, Chemical Companies as well as Automotive, A&D and Utilities.
We have used our deep experience to develop “Solution Set” offerings of “Best Practices” for the implementation of SAP for a wide variety of applications and systems.

QMS News and Events

  • SAP QM Training- by QMS
    September 16, 2014

    The QMS SAP QM Training experts are committed to assisting your Employees, SAP Users and even Executives and Senior Management perform at their maximum potential. The QMS team combines our vast industry expertise and extensive SAP backgrounds into all of our SAP QM Training classes. Our custom-produced curriculum is nimble enough to be tailored to […]

  • QMS Announces- SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM)
    September 8, 2014

    QMS has launched the SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM). The SAP Quality Issue Management Solution (QIM) allows companies to process, monitor and track issues and activities of all kind and from every source throughout the entire enterprise. As a result, continuous improvement processes are enforced, compliance with actual regulations is ensured, […]

  • SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM)
    June 17, 2014

    QMS has the experience to support your QIM projects. We will show you how to take an integrated, global approach to managing quality with SAP Quality Issue Management software. Create, process, and monitor all quality issues – along with corrective and preventive actions – from every source across your organization. The result? Continuous improvement, standards […]

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