QM Inspection Videos

SAP inspection training videos are valuable for ensuring that your organization is prepared to handle your quality management concerns. In fact, inspection is one of the most crucial elements of quality management; without sufficient inspections, it will be impossible for you to determine whether or not your facility is operating the way it needs to. We like to say that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Topics Our Videos Cover

Some of the areas that we can help you with when it comes to inspection procedures in SAP include:

  • Defining standardized global master data for SAP QM
  • Harmonizing Attribute, Defect, and Usage Decision codes
  • Creating or editing Master Inspection Characteristics and Inspection Methods
  • Assigning materials and dynamic modification rules to Inspection Plans

Supplier Quality and Inspection of Purchased materials

Purchasing is another critical component of your business. If your company ends up using its capital ineffectively, it could pose a serious threat to the long-term future of your business. SAP is an extremely powerful tool to assist your business with money management, and our SAP inspection training videos will provide you with all of the education necessary to make sure that your quality procedures are on point. You will be able to learn about how to create a purchase order, purchase requisition, and process a goods receipt, as well as get an overview of your current stock. You will also learn how quality integrates into the purchasing and goods receipt process with results recordings and usage decisions, which will make it easier for you to analyze the quality of your suppliers and purchased materials.

All of our videos come with helpful voice instruction that will make it a snap for you to understand these concepts. Be sure that you take care of your inspection education requirements so that you will be able to master this important area of SAP and lead your business to a successful future.

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