QM Notifications Videos

SAP features a number of high impact benefits for its users, but one of its most important is the way that the platform can provide notifications. These notifications help you stay dialed in to the way that your business operates and will alert you when there is a problem with any part of your company. With our SAP notifications training videos, it’s easy to learn how to configure and control these notifications to help you stay up to date about what is going on with your business.

What You Will Learn About SAP Notifications

Our QM notifications videos are designed to allow you to learn more about different kinds of notifications that will alert you when there is a problem in one of several areas, whether the issue occurs internally or externally. Some of the notifications covered in this video include:

  • Notification catalogs: your notification catalogs are what define your notification procedures in SAP and govern the way that notifications take place within the system
  • Customer notifications: if something goes wrong with a product or service that you offer and causes your customers to lodge a complaint, it is important that you know about it as soon as possible so that you can rectify this situation. Customer notifications in SAP will help you do this
  • Vendor notifications: issues with vendors can disrupt the flow of your business very quickly. Keeping tabs on your vendor notifications will help you more quickly resolve these challenges so that you can make sure things are working properly within your operation

Notifications help you get a stronger understanding of what is happening with your company through the SAP platform. Our SAP notifications training videos allow you to have an easier time controlling this vital aspect of SAP to more effectively deal with any business issues you face.

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