Special Services

QMS Training & Special Services Brochure

At QMS, we understand that not every one of our clients has the same kind of needs. If you believe that your organization has a requirement for a customized SAP solution that is outside of the normal subjects covered in QMS SAP training videos, we are more than happy to help you fulfill these requirements. Whether you are looking to create a totally new solution or you want to add some more functionality to the way that you already use SAP, QMS is the perfect organization to assist.

How We Provide Special Services

Although we are proud of the quality of our QMS SAP training videos, when our clients have a need that requires special attention, we rise to the occasion and do everything possible to ensure that they are satisfied. Some of our customization specialties include:

  • Development services: looking to deploy a custom solution for a unique project? We will help you with this task by analyzing the goals of your project and then tailoring our solutions around your exact business objectives
  • Previously developed solutions: we are often able to use these kinds of solutions as a starting point to provide our clients with the solutions that are necessary for a unique project or task
  • Road mapping and strategizing: once we assess the goals of our clients, we will have a much better idea of exactly how to meet these goals. In client meetings we will discuss the key elements of our strategy so that everyone involved in the project is on the same page

With SAP consultants who have many years of experience helping clients get customized solutions for their requirements, QMS is the perfect company to provide for your unique SAP needs. Don’t feel restricted by the standard functions that SAP comes with; instead, call upon a knowledgeable consultant to make sure you are getting exactly what you need from your SAP investment to manage your business.