Environment, Health and Safety Compliance Management

Utilizing SAP’s Environment, Health and Safety Compliance Management module, you can manage specifications for manufactured and procured products. Whether your company produces potentially hazardous materials or you are being asked to track health concerns and other facility risks, SAP can provide you with the information you require. With increased attention and oversight into the EH&S areas, its critical to have the data you need to make the right decisions. SAP gives you this power. QMS ensures it’s implemented correctly.

  • Enable labeling, compliance (MSDS generation), and data exchange with workflow and a rules-based engine
  • Ensure safe handling, storage, and tracking of hazardous materials
  • Support compliance management and portfolio risk assessment
  • Proactively address health concerns and reduce risks in manufacturing operations by tracking health information and identifying trends

QMS – EH & S Areas of Focus

  • Health and Safety
  • Product Safety and Stewardship
  • Environmental Performance
  • EHS Compliance

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